New e-mail notifications (how to turn them on/off, quiet time)


You can enable or disable notifications about new incoming messages in the application settings. By default, this functionality is enabled.

If you are presently working with the application, You will be notified only by sound alert in case of a new incoming letter.

If the application has been opened and is currently not in use (minimized), then the arrival of a new message will be notified with a sound alert and an envelope icon on Your phone screen. After You expand the notification, You can Tap on it and You will be redictereted to the application.

Attention! You need to stay logged in (authorized) to the application, otherwise the notifications won’t work.

Quiet time is an established period of time when the notifications of new messages (if the feature is enabled) will not be delivered. We recommend to activate this limitation for night time.

To activate this option:

  • log in to the mobile application with Your username and password,
  • Tap on the “Menu” icon on the top right of the screen,
  • Select “Settings” from the context menu,
  • tick the option „Push Notifications”.


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