How to update the application and auto-update

To update the application manually: 

  • Access Google Play Market;
  • Use search to find application;
  • Open the application and tap the Update button if it is available;
  • Google Play Market will update the application to the latest version.

If the Update button is not available, then You're using the latest version of the application.




Auto-update: constatntly updates and improves application performance, therefore we recommend to set the automatic application update — this way You will always have the latest version installed. To set up automatic update:

  • Access Play Store;
  • Use search to find application and open it;




  • Click Settings piktogram 7bd90aab373c5d2a3e179d763b3702-1683541925-base.png in the right upper corner;
  • Tick Enable auto-update;



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