What is the technical maintenance of the mailbox?

    Technical department of Inbox.lt controls the work of portal around the clock. To ensure reliable and stable work technical maintenance (basically includes software and hardware improvement or repair) is needed.

    •  Unfortunately some technical improvements cannot be done without restrictions to access mailboxes or other Inbox.lt products.
    •  All planned technical works Inbox.lt team performs at evening or night hours when user activity is minimal. In emergency situations, this process can continue until the afternoon.
    •  Technical maintenance doesn’t influence the settings and user data.
    •  Technical maintenance can involve only some user group. In this case some users will be able to use portal, but for others access will be temporarily unavailable.
    •  For some users, technical maintenance can be completed quite fast; for some this process may take longer time.
    •  In the case of technical maintenance users see the message “At the moment your mailbox is under maintenance that will take some time. Please try to login later”.
    •  If your mailbox is under technical maintenance (you see the information about it on the portal before login), technical department Inbox.lt is informed about it. Try to login later.  
    •  If the message about technical maintenance doesn’t disappear after three days please inform Inbox.lt support department by email to support@inbox.lt (please also indicate the problematic email address).

Inbox.lt administration apologizes for any possible inconvenience it may cause.

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