Why my sent e-mails go to «lists» or «social» folders


Incoming e-mail filtering within Inbox Mail categories (Inbox, Lists, Social) is performed automatically in accordance with in-house rules and algorithms of Inbox.lt company.

Into the «Lists» folder the following types of e-mails are directed automatically: all marketing and advertising messages from various entrepreneurs, global brands and Internet shops as well as messages from various mailing lists, for example, hot offers, information on new products, holiday sales, catalogue mailing, information on events, sales and other types of commercial messages of general character containing news and advertising of goods or services.

Into the «Social» folder the following types of e-mails are directed: from social media, forums and discussion groups, dating sites and game portals where the user has been registered.

If a letter you are sending gets into «Lists» or «Social» folders but you are sure that judging by its content (for example, payment bills, airline tickets, confirmations for online purchases, information for password recovery etc.) it should be in the «Inbox» folder – please let us know about that via support@inbox.lt and provide detailed information on the e-mail in question:

  • date of sending,
  • subject of e-mail,
  • address from which the e-mail has been sent by user,
  • user’s name (mailbox at Inbox.lt) where this e-mail can be at present moment.

We will check your information and in case of positive response the addresss will be excluded from automatic filtering about which you will be informed.

If content of e-mails sent by you falls within general rule of Inbox.lt you can:

  • inform all your users who use mail service of Inbox.lt that your e-mails are automatically directed to «Lists» or «Social» folders
  • recommend your users who use mail service of Inbox.lt to set filter for incoming e-mails in order to switch off automatic filtering of your e-mails into «Lists» or «Social» folders. Read more.
  • Use Inbox.lt service for sending e-mails. If you have questions please contact us by e-mail sales@co.inbox.lt

It is erroneous to equal e-mails in «Lists» or «Social» folders with spam. Automatically filtered e-mails help users to use Inbox.lt services more productively and efficiently, they have high importance for users and in case of interest they will be certainly viewed along with e-mails directed to «Inbox» folder.

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