Folder "lists" and "social"


After login to the mailbox, there is a menu with list of folders on the left side of the screen. Such folders as "Inbox", "Draft", "Sent", "Spam", "Trash" and from now also "Lists" and "Social" - are system folders and those can not be deleted or modified by user. Other folders can be managed by user - he can make any folder, rename it, delete and so on.

When is used auto-filtering function for incoming mail, all incoming messages are automatically sorted to 3 main folders:

  • Inbox - all messages from real contacts (friends, business partners and so on), also messages, which can't be sorted to another folders.
  • Lists - here are redirected any advertising messages from different brands, online stores and similar sites, also messages meant for automatic lists.
  • Social - any messages from social web pages, forums and discussion groups, also from any dating or other webpages, where user has been registered.

Filtering to different folders is working automatically. As easrlier, You can make and manage Your own folders. User's made filters has higher priority than automatic filters for incoming correspondence.

If You want to stop filtering to these folders, You can use option, which switches off this function and all new messages will be placed to the folder "Inbox".

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