My mailbox is full, how to solve this problem

If You see that Your mailbox is full and You have to free some space for new mail, You can clear mailbox by deleting unnecessary messages:

  1. enter Your mailbox and choose the folder, where are unnecessary messages,
  2. tick the messages You want to delete or tick the "All" if You want to delete all the letters, existing in a whole page (if You have more pages with unnecessary messages, You'll have o repeat action till Yuo delete all messages You need),
  3. then press button "Delete".

After these actions, all deleted messages will be placed in a "Trash" folder, but mailbox will not obtain exstra free space. To free space, You'll have to delete messages from the "Trash" folder permanently. To do that:

  1. open "Trash"  folder and press "Purge all";

    If You have any messages You don't want to delete permanently from the "Trash" folder, tick messages to delete and press "Delete" button.

If You want to delete absolutely all from the folder, You can do it in Options, in Folders section.

Remember, that using such actions as "Purge all" and "Delete" removes messages from the "Trash" folder for all the time. It is possible to restore only letters, which were deleted in last 7 days! The same effect You get if You press "Purge" near the folders "Trash" and "Spam" in the folder tree on the left.

If You erroneously deleted any message and it was removed to the "Trash" folder, You still have opportunity to restore it.


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