Quick questions

This option allows recovering deleted messages from the Trash folder for last 7 days. Attention! After pressing Recover button please wait about 15 minutes before all deleted messages will be recovered and placed back into Trash folder.

To recover deleted messages from folder Trash:

  1. Login into your account;
  2. Open section Options;
  3. From the menu on the left choose Recovery & optimize;
  4. To complete action, press Recover.




1. Clear your browser cache. Clearing the Cache and Cookies in a browser helps to fix issues, which cause errors on a webpage if portal has got any changes of design or functionality. If cache is not cleared, browser will use old data instead of new, what can cause errors. Sometimes you need to cleaned a cache several times in a row, then you must turn on browser and enter to your e-mail.


2. Update your browser to its latest version. Perhaps you are using an outdated browser version which our site no longer technical support. In this connection time, some site functions may become unavailable or not work properly.


   !Check if the problem recurs on a different browser.

   ! Check if your browser enable JavaScript and Cookies.


In case if the above steps have not helped, contact us indicating information as detailed as possible for your actions and the resulting error. Send us screen-shots.